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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Blogging Class

I'm teaching a blogging class at UH - what do the students think?


Big-B-Blog said...

Good course, gave me the confidence to have another go at building an on-line community for the Hospice using wordpress

PamUH said...

enjoyed the course, the tasks made it seem fairly easy and the pace was good. From a technical aspect, appreciated the explanations of the technology behind the products, very often technology like this is just presented as click here, do that and the logic of how it all works is skipped. Am now interested to find out more. Shame about the software not being up to date, a comment for UH I think. Pam

bloomer said...

It started cool...it got hot. We, the students, learnt a lot. Personally, I made progress and will be more confident with my blogging.
Bill is a good teacher (oops, he said not to say he was 'good'). Despite years of familiarity with the subject, he conveyed lots of enthusiasm and put generous amounts of energy into getting us up and blogging. Thank you. Joan

Hazel's space said...

Think my knowledge of computers and how they work is minimal - not as young as I used to be - did pick up some bits and pieces to add to my general knowledge and to keep me on the path of trying to keep up with new technology!! Thanks

Stephanie Grainger said...

Thanks for your feedback I will take it all on board.
Stephanie Grainger (Acting Head of School of Humanities)

movienerd said...

I found the course covered everything I needed to know to get started - and more - and Bill's style was engaging, informal and approachable (and obviously born from a veritable pantheon of knowledge and experience! - which is always good to know!) It was explained simply without being either dumbed-down or condescending. If I can find the time, there's a chance I could become a tame geek-lite in the blogging world myself!... as well as a movienerd. Cheers Bill. Steve.